ORCEO ARCHITECTS DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION, has its main office in Cebu City, Cebu Province. The firm started out in 1980 as a designing firm. As the need of bringing up additional services to its clients, the firm engaged into construction by the late 80’s. ORCEO ARCHITECTS has then designed and constructed numerous residential, commercials and interior works all over Region VI and VII.

ORCEO ARCHITECTS DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION expanded its services to Cebu by the year 2002 and made Cebu its main office by 2005. Through good, honest and reliable workmanship, the construction firm gradually made connections to various public and private sectors.

ORCEO ARCHITECTS DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION, to date, has a number of maintained clients, maintenance works for residential and subdivisions, and is now into specialized services like sprinkler systems, dry wall partitioning, acoustical board lay outing and aluminum wall cladding to meet the demands of the public and the ever changing modernity of times. Its views are to give its clients a transparent perspective to all contracts, negotiations and method of construction thus giving a piece of mind on their investment.



  • To constantly innovate, evolve and advance further its architectural services to an ever changing trend and needs of the society
  • To be the technical side of the client by providing transparent negotiation, open quotations and honest canvassing between client, contractors and fellow professional as well.
  • To provide unparalleled benefits and experience for its associate, staff and apprentices by promoting good work ethics, considers family time in spite of work pressure and encouraging team work and camaraderie


  • to be globally known and accredited architectural company that provides unparalleled architectural and support services, green designs, value engineering and client satisfaction
  • To intensify information dissemination that architecture services is not for the elite only. That master planning is a requirement in every residential, commercial, house and lot selection, and other development. An individual will eventually save in the long run due to proper planning and good preparation.
  • To be expanding in all major cities in the Philippine Archipelago and have associate offices internationally.


“We are professionals serving other professionals”


Respectfully yours,
Antonio Manuel L. Orceo Jr.

united architects of the philippines

Orceo Architects is also member of United architects of the Philippines